Our ad-blocking system works at the domain level and redirects requests to Ad domains/ networks to a HYAS Ad block image. You may notice this from time to time when visiting especially ad heavy sites, where the in-page ads will only show our logo. We offer this service in 3 tiers. Light, Medium and Heavy.

  • Adblock Light (COMING SOON): We allow many ads and only block the less reputable advertising domains / networks

  • Adblock Medium: We try to block most ads, and only allow ads that would otherwise bother your normal browsing. EG Youtube Ads still work.

  • Adblock Heavy: We attempt to block all ads, and this may adversely effect your browsing experience. EG: Youtube videos with ads will show as a black screen for the duration of the Ad.

Click here if you would like to turn this feature on or off -

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