NBC Opening Ceremony Live Stream Delay

NBC has been boasting that they’ll have the most LIVE coverage with 4500 hours of coverage streaming but for the Opening Ceremonies, there will be a 1hr delay for the East Coast and 3hrs for the West Coast viewers of the US.

The delay enables NBC to add commercials to the taped broadcasting, but also increases the chances of spoilers just because of where you live. Supermodel Giselle Bundchen has promised to make this the sexiest Opening Ceremonies ever, so don’t let NBC’s time delay spoil it for you.

We don’t think you should have to wait to view the Opening Ceremonies, so don’t!  

Cheer your nation on LIVE as they enter the Olympic forum! We’ve created solutions in our Recipe Store. Just search for: Olympic to see the Recipes for NBC in the USA, BBC for the UK, CBC for Canada, and Seven Network for Australia.  

As the live streaming begins, our team will be testing the recipes to ensure that they are functioning correctly.  So please be patient with any possible delays or modifications that need to be made to the recipes.Thank you for your support!

Now, go cheer on your nation!



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