The Recipe Store

The Recipe Store is a feature unique to Borderless Internet by allowing users to create, share, and vote on their favourite recipes and add more channels and content.  Learn more below:

Why use a recipe?

Recipes allow you to geo-relocate yourself for virtually ANY DOMAIN!  If you want a new channel, shop the Recipe Store to add as many channels as you want, such as travel, sports, music, and shopping channels.  By geo-relocating some providers will change what listings or content is available to you.  You can also create your own recipes and add them to the store.  Want to learn How to Shop or How to Create a Recipe? Check out the info below.

How to Shop The Recipe Store

There are two ways to access the recipe store: from the Blender Icon or from the Menu Bar at the top.  Search for recipes by their keyword (e.g. Hulu, Youtube, etc.) and sort recipes by “Most Popular”, “Highest Ranked”, etc.  The side Menu Bar will allow you to view recipes by categories.

Click a recipe to view it and see its reviews.  Add it to Your Recipe List by selecting the “Add” button after you’ve clicked the recipe, or the “+” button on the bottom-right corner of the recipe.  Don’t forget to click “My Recipes” to make sure your Recipe(s) are turned “On”.  You can review recipes that you’ve added to your list and tried out.

When you can click “My Recipes”, you will be able to view the full list of Recipes that you’ve added.  Feel free to make modifications to the recipe, which will only affect the recipe in your account.


How to Create Your Own Recipe

You are also able to Create New Recipes by first clicking “My Recipes” and then selecting “Create”:

  1. Enter a Name for your Recipe (e.g. YouTube Video)
  2. Enter a Description
  3. Enter in Tags to help categorize your recipe in the store

Add  Domain Rules by clicking “Add” and then:

  1. Enter the full URL for the recipe to geo-relocate (e.g.
  2. To populate the information below, click “Test and Populate” (*If you are modifying an existing recipe, just click “Test”
  3. You will receive a response on whether or not IPV4 or IPV6 or both is available
  4. You can set-up Rule Exceptions for your URL
  5. Select the Proxy Type that was available (IPV4 or IPV6)
  6. Click the Proxy Selection by Country, and select the Countries below below.  If you would like to select more than one Country, hold the Ctrl or Command button as you make your selections.
  7. If you’ve created multiple domain rules and you want the regions to be replicated, click on the checkbox for “On update change all domain rules to use this set of proxies”.  Once you’re done, click the “Update” button
  8. Feel free to add additional domain rules, by clicking the “Add” button.  Once you are finished, click the “Save” button.

After You’ve Created Your Recipe

After you’ve saved and created a Recipe, you can always “Edit” it and make changes to your Recipe.  If you click “Publish”, it will copy your recipe to your clipboard so that you can send it to a friend.  If you no longer wish to have your recipe, you can click the “Delete” button.  To share your Recipe to the Store, you can click the button share button , or add it to your “Favorite” List , and change your Icon Image so that it’s easy to find in the Recipe Store.  Make sure to Turn the Recipe “On” to use it.  Once the Recipe is Turned On, you can select the Country Region you want to set it to.


We hope you found this helpful! And as always, our Borderless Support Team is here to help if you have any questions.


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