Update 07/21/2016

It has been a crazy month or so since the last update. I am sorry we haven't been more communicative, but here is a quick update:

NETWORK - Our new network is rolling out nicely it is however running about 10 days behind schedule. We should be able to do some alpha testing of the Canadian region next week. The US region stuff is looking like the end of the month now.. it depends on ARIN, peering arrangements and other "fiddly bits". It might be earlier than that, and certainly shouldn't be later, but it is very hard to give a firm date when its not in our hands to control.

HULU & OTHER US - We have a new multi-network approach we are working on for all the non-netflix guys. This is a shotgun approach to avoid their seemingly random geo blocking. Hulu is especially weird with this. They contract out to a company that is dedicated to geo restrictions, and that company is random as hell. One IP address can be fine for Hulu for 4 months or 4 days with no predictability that we can discern. So our new multi-network approach is to build a pool of 15-20 working servers and as the pool gets shallower we resupply it with new servers to maintain the pool "depth".

NETFLIX - For Netflix our plan (without giving away all the details) is to put them into a position where they have to block home user IP space to block our users. Based on what I have seen so far I am not discounting that they will go this far, but I am hoping by the time we roll this out that their pendulum of insanity will have swung back a little bit. Additionally we have a pretty good grasp (we think) on what automated systems they are using to detect geo relocation and some further plans to defeat those.

BBC - There have been a few msgs lately about BBC recipes not working so we looked into it. It seems that BBC is regularly adding new CDN (content distribution network) domains to their delivery. This means that a recipe that worked 5 days ago might not work today. So we have two options: 1) create a really broad recipe that should work all the time but might break other recipes or - 2) Dedicate a team member to checking and updating the BBC recipe each morning. We are leaning towards option 2.

Olympics - So in a completely insane move NBC has decided to not broadcast nor stream the Olympics live, but are instead adding a multi hour delay to the US feeds so they can add some "color" (note the US spelling) to their coverage. So we are making a major push to have solid access to CBC, BBC, and other live real-time streams for borderless users. We are at a loss as to why NBC thinks that American's would be happy to find out their medal standings via twitter and then watch it 3 hours later...

New Regions - We have some new regions and new content coming online very soon. /u/zippy-borderless will update as those go live.

We feel confident we can overcome the current issues, and we will update again mid next week(or sooner if something comes up). Thank you all for sticking with us through this.


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