How do I automatically update my IP (Dynamic DNS)

To update your IP address automatically you first need to enable your Dynamic DNS in your user profile. Once enabled you will see a message like

    Your Remote ID is 994c6a4a-bac1-5fc0-ad73-8493c8472b94
    POST or GET this to update your ip like

Each remote ID is a UUID value, every time you turn off and on this switch you will generate a new value. You can use GET or POST, to ping our server, our server will then lookup your account using the UUID remote number you sent to it.

We limit the number of requests that can be made, so if you ping it more then 5 times in a period of 5 minuites further requests from your IP will be blacklisted (and ignored) for an hour

Updating a particular “slot”, as you know you can have up to 3 different IP address on your account with different regional settings defined for each. When you call the update URL by default the first slot is replaced, however if you specify a slot after the remote parameter you can pick a different spot (valid values are 0,1,2) so for example you can do

This will change the IP address of the “second” slot.

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