Who are you guys?

We are an information security startup based on Vancouver Island in Canada.

We have a small but well respected team. Our founder is the only Canadian and one of only three civilians to have ever been awarded the FBI’s highest award (The Director’s Award of Excellence), and is one of only a small handful of people to have ever won it for anti-cybercrime work.

We have decades of information security experience, and have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as having led security teams for companies in the Fortune 50’s. We have presented at security conferences like BlackHat, Defcon, DCC, and more.

The Borderless DNS system leverages our Comox threat intelligence platform. Comox is used for domain name threat intelligence on a daily basis by most of the major Antivirus and security companies, as well as several large social media and e-commerce companies.

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