Playstation 3

[Important before you start]

Open your web browser and go to this web page Current Hyas DNS Server List

Please record the 2 nearest DNS addresses from your physical location.

Step 1

Go to 'Settings' and then 'Network Settings'

Step 2

Choose 'Internet Connection Settings'

Step 3

Select 'Custom'

Step 4

Select 'Wired connection' or 'Wireless'. (For this instructions, we will demonstrate the Wireless setup. Otherwise, for Wired setup, skip ahead to step 8)

Step 5

On WLAN Settings, select 'Scan'

Step 6

Choose your network

Step 7

Enter the Wi-Fi password

Step 8

On IP Address Setting, choose 'Automatic'

Step 9

On 'Set the DHCP host name', Choose 'Do Not Set' (In most cases, this setting doesn't need to be changed)

Step 10

On DNS Settings, choose 'Manual'

Step 11

Enter the 2 closest Borderless Internet DNS servers you recordered earlier.

 Step 12

On MTU, Select 'Automatic'

Step 13

On Proxy Server, select 'Do Not Use'

Step 14

On UPnP,  select 'Enable'

Step 15

Save your configuration and you are done!


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