Nintendo Wii

[Important before you start]

Open your web browser and go to this web page Current Hyas DNS Server List

Please record the 2 nearest DNS addresses from your physical location.

Step 1

Select the Wii Option button

Step 2

Select Wii Settings

Step 3

Select the blue arrow to page 2, and then select Internet

Step 4

Select Connection Settings

Step 5

Select the connection Wii used to access the Internet. (Wired or Wireless) In this instructions, we'll use "wireless".

Step 6

Leave Yes for "Auto-Obtain IP Address"

Select the blue arrow to the next page

Select No for "Auto-Obtain DNS" and select Advanced Settings

Step 7

Enter the two closest DNS servers you recorded earlier.

Step 8

(This step is on your computer, not on your Wii system)

Test your Internet connection on your computer browser.

Step 9

Select Country

Step 10

Change your country to "United States" for NTSC Wii Systems Or

change your country to "United Kingdom" for Pal Wii Systems

Step 11

Apply the changes and you're done!



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